HealthyStart™️CEO, Leslie Stevens and Dr. Jill Ombrello, DDS, Central Dentist, Dallas Texas, on Good Day Marketplace in Columbus, Ohio, paints a picture to introduce parents to the safe, FDA Cleared, conservative treatment called HealthyStart™️.

NPR Radio Interviews HealthyStart ™ Provider Dr. Michael Firouzian, DDS, FAGD, FCCMO of the Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Daytime Columbus, NBC 4 features the HealthyStart™ Team.

HealthyStart™ Provider Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD of Bonita Dental talks about HealthyStart™ on Sonoran Living, Phoenix, AZ

Alley Plake of Central Dentist in Dallas, TX discusses HealthyStart™ on The Jeff Crilley Show

HealthyStart™ featured on KPRC Channel 2 in the Morning with Bill Spencer

HealthyStart™️ is featured in Upstate Parent Magazine–Connecting the dots of a child’s behavior to one central problem; the way they sleep. Mouth open, snoring, restricted airway and maybe as a result, no REM sleep. What’s next? Could be Bed-wetting, Allergies, Teeth Grinding and the appearance of behaviors associated with ADD ADHD. About 27 symptoms have been identified. HealthyStart™️has the fix, if we get started early enough!

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start!

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Latest from the Healthy Start Learning Center

bedwetting - a symptom of sleep disordered breathing

Bedwetting - A symptom of Sleep Disordered Breathing by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 11-April-2018, 0 Comments

Bedwetting is just ONE of the MANY symptoms of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder. HealthyStart® can help.


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nightmares vs night terrors

Nightmares VS Night Terrors by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 19-February-2018, 0 Comments

Nightmares are dreams with vivid content that occur during REM sleep. They usually involve immediate....

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healthystart® can improve your child's health

HealthyStart® Can Improve Your Child's Health by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 12-January-2018, 0 Comments

As parents we always strive for better for our kids. Early intervention is key!! By scheduling a Sleep and Airway ass....

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attention all pediatric dentists, general dentists, orthodontists

ATTENTION ALL Pediatric Dentists, General Dentists, Orthodontists by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 08-January-2018, 0 Comments

ATTENTION ALL Pediatric Dentists, General Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Physicians

The American Dental Asso....

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ada releases new policy statement on dentistry and sleep-related breathing disorders

ADA RELEASES NEW POLICY STATEMENT on Dentistry and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 19-September-2017, 0 Comments

Dentistry in the Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Dentists can and do play an....

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washington post: interrupted sleep may lead to alzheimer's, new studies show

Washington Post: Interrupted Sleep may lead to Alzheimer's, New Studies Show by Healthy Start Susie Admin, on 19-September-2017, 0 Comments

Three studies by researchers at Wheaton College in Illinois found significant connections between breathing disorders....

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