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Dr. Beth Rosellini,

Certified HealthyStart® Provider and Lecturing Doctor

Beth Rosellini, DDS, AIAOMT, is a biological dentist and clinical researcher with special interest in chronic inflammatory conditions, airway and sleep health, and alternative/non-pharmaceutical therapies.


She’s served as the principal investigator on studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, and she’s currently managing 2 ongoing clinical studies that are using the HealthyStart® System to evaluate clinical outcomes in more complex pediatric Down syndrome cases, as well as in children who suffer from chronic seizures.

Dr. Beth Rosellini

How to Get Healthy-Started

3 Steps to Treatment with the HealthyStart® System

HealthyStart Quiz

#1 Take the Quiz

Fill out our quiz to find out if your child is a candidate for the HealthyStart® System. Once you have submitted the quiz, a HealthyStart® team member will review it and contact you regarding next-steps.


#2 Find a Provider Near You

A HealthyStart® team member will contact you about recommended doctors in your area, or, if you choose to do so, you can find a provider yourself through the doctor locator.


#3 Customize Your Plan

Once you find your preferred provider and make an appointment, discuss a customized plan with them to ensure optimal results from the HealthyStart® System for your child.

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